Diablo 2 Resurrected: A Guide to Shop Vendor Types

Diablo 2 Resurrected: A Guide to Shop Vendor Types

In Diablo 2 Resurrected, various types of vendors offer a wide array of items for sale. Understanding the different vendor types and their specialties can greatly benefit your character’s progression. Here’s a guide to the shop vendor types you’ll encounter:

1. General Goods Vendor:

  • Items Sold: Basic supplies like health and mana potions, scrolls, and basic weapons/armor.
  • Key Feature: These vendors are your go-to for replenishing crucial supplies during your adventures.

2. Blacksmith:

  • Items Sold: Weapons, armor, and shields.
  • Key Feature: Blacksmiths are valuable for upgrading your character’s offensive and defensive capabilities.

3. Mage:

  • Items Sold: Staves, wands, scepters, orbs, and scrolls.
  • Key Feature: Mages cater to spellcasting characters, providing a selection of weapons and items to enhance magical abilities.

4. Gambling Vendor:

  • Items Sold: Unidentified magical and rare items.
  • Key Feature: Gambling vendors offer a chance to acquire potentially powerful items, though it’s a gamble.

5. Jeweler:

  • Items Sold: Gems, jewels, and items with sockets.
  • Key Feature: Jewelers are essential for customizing your gear by adding gems and jewels to socketed items.

6. Charms Vendor:

  • Items Sold: Charms and occasionally amulets or rings.
  • Key Feature: Charms vendors are important for acquiring items that provide additional bonuses to your character.

7. Special Vendors:

  • Items Sold: Unique or rare items that can’t be found from standard vendors.
  • Key Feature: These vendors offer special items that can significantly boost your character’s power.

8. Infernal Peddler (Act 4):

  • Items Sold: High-level items, often with magical properties.
  • Key Feature: The Infernal Peddler is known for selling powerful items, making him a sought-after vendor.

9. Halbu the Armorer (Act 2):

  • Items Sold: High-quality weapons and armor.
  • Key Feature: Halbu is particularly valuable for characters seeking top-tier equipment in Act 2.

10. Fara the Healer (Act 2):

  • Items Sold: Potions, scrolls, and basic gear.
  • Key Feature: Fara is a reliable source of healing items and basic equipment for Act 2 adventurers.

Remember to regularly check vendor inventories as they reset upon level-up or when exiting and re-entering a game. Each vendor type offers unique benefits, so consider your character’s needs and playstyle when choosing where to shop. This knowledge will be invaluable as you journey through the world of Sanctuary in Diablo 2 Runewords. Happy adventuring!

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